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Spectrum Management

Spectrum Management is the process of regulating the use of radio frequencies to promote efficient use and gain a net social benefit. The radio spectrum is an important limited resource which is managed by ECTEL in conjunction with the NTRCs of the Member States.

All persons utilizing radio frequency for, or in relation to the operation of a telecommunications network, or providing a telecommunications service, shall obtain frequency authorization for the use of such frequency.

ECTEL is responsible for preparing and maintaining a harmonized regional spectrum plan for its Member States.  The ECTEL Regional Spectrum Management Plan is a regional plan and divides the radio frequency spectrum into various frequency bands and designates the general purposes for which the bands can be used.  The ECTEL Regional Spectrum Management Plan was first published in June 2006 and was last updated in June 2012.

The NTRC is responsible for monitoring the use of the radio frequency spectrum within its own territory and in conjunction with ECTEL performs management functions of the radio frequency spectrum.

Regional Radio Spectrum Plan

700 MHz Policy Amended 2013

700 MHz Process of Assignment

700 MHz Final Determination


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