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Access and Interconnection

Access means making available of facilities and or services, to customer or another Service Provider, under defined conditions, on either an exclusive or non-exclusive basis, for the purpose of providing a electronic communications service.

Interconnection is the physical linking of two or more Service Provider’s networks, systems, links, nodes, circuits and devices.

Under Article 5 of the ECTEL Treaty, ECTEL is to recommend a regional policy for the conduct of telecommunications, in particular in relation to universal service, interconnection, numbering and pricing, and to monitor its implementation in the Contracting States.

Under the Telecommunications Act the NTRC is charged with the functions to review proposed interconnection agreements by telecommunications providers and recommend to the Minister whether or not he should approve such agreements;

The Telecommunications Act, also stipulates that a telecommunications provider who operates a public telecommunications network shall not refuse, obstruct, or in any way impede another telecommunications provider from making an interconnection with his or her telecommunications network.  An interconnection request from one telecommunications provider to another may be refused in writing on reasonable technical grounds only.

The Council of Ministers of ECTEL approved the Directorate’s recommendation for the Long Run Incremental Cost (LRIC) models to be used to determine cost-oriented interconnection rates in the ECTEL Member States, at the 19th Meeting of the Council held in St Lucia on Friday March 13, 2009.

Implementation of Interconnecting Rates
Manual to the LRIC Model
Instructions for Use of Public Models
Fixed Model
Mobile Model

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