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St. Vincent & The Grenadines Legislation


Telecommunications Act

Act #1 of 2001 – An Act to provide for the regulation of telecommunications, to establish the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, and for related or incidental matters.
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Telecommunications Regulations

Title SR&O # File
Access to Facilities not yet passed
Amateur Radio not yet passed
Confidentiality in Network & Services SR&O #10 of 2002
Dispute Resolution SR&O #02 of 2007
Exemption not yet passed
Exemption Order not yet passed
Fees SR&O #03 of 2007
Fees (Amendment) SR&O #10 of 2008
Fees (Amendment) not yet passed
Fee Structure SR&O #24 of 2002
Fee Structure (Amendment) SR&O #02 of 2003
Interconnection SR&O #60 of 2008
Licence Classification Notice SR&O #14 of 2002
Licence Classification Notice (Amendment) not yet passed
Licensing & Authorisation SR&O #01 of 2007
Numbering SR&O #11 of 2008
Private Network Licensing SR&O #16 of 2002
Quality of Service not yet passed
Retail Tariff SR&O #23 of 2004
Retail Tariff (Revised) not yet passed
Spectrum Management SR&O #4 of 2007
Terminal Equipment & Public Network SR&O #13 of 2002
Terminal Equipment & Public Network (Amendment) not yet passed
Universal Service Fund SR&O #45 of 2008
Universal Service Fund Contribution Order SR&O #4 of 2017
Wholesale not yet passed