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ECTEL Holds QoS Consultations in Member States

1 December 2015 in Uncategorized
Published 12/01/15

Castries, Saint Lucia. June 16, 2015– The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority, ECTEL, has commenced consultations that are expected to lead to the revision of Quality of Service (QoS) Standards, to be adhered to by Telecommunications Providers in Member States.

QoS Standards ensure that consumers have access to high quality telecommunications service by setting basic minimum quality levels, for all public telecommunications services. These standards define the lower and or upper bounds of acceptability of technical issues such as transmission rates, error rates, call consumer rates and commercial issues such as access to customer help lines, billing integrity and other characteristics that can be measured and improved.

The ECTEL Board of Directors mandated the consultations at its 67th meeting. The new draft Quality of Service Regulations is now available in Member States for comment until Wednesday, July 24th, 2015. Persons wishing to make a contribution to the consultation may do so by contacting the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission NTRC in their territory and following the instructions outlined in the consultative document.

The consultation document on Quality of Service standards is available on the websites of ECTEL and the NTRCs in the five ECTEL Member States. Meetings with target interest groups and communities are also being planned to facilitate the consultation process.

Responses to the Consultative Document should be sent to the Managing Director of ECTEL by email ( or fax: 758 458 1698.



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