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Consumers’ Centre

The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority-ECTEL is committed to ensuring that consumers in Member States are sufficiently empowered to make responsible and informed decisions, which will enable them to benefit and adapt to the ever changing market conditions in our electronic communications sector. More and more, ECTEL is expanding its mandate to focus on consumer protection and empowerment. The new suite of laws including draft Consumer Protection legislation and the proposed EC Bill currently being developed, demonstrate this commitment and focus in relation to ECTEL’s obligation.


Consumer Protection Regulations

When the new EC Bill and accompanying regulations are signed into law, Consumer Protection Regulations will feature prominently. Specific rules on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Communications Sector will further ensure that the rights of consumers are clearly articulated and addressed. See draft Consumer Protection Regulation that’s expected to become law in ECTEL Member States.




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ECTEL Service Providers 

The Electronic Communications Sector (ECS) in ECTEL Member States comprises fixed and mobile telephone services, spectrum and numbering and Internet services. Service providers may be broadly categorised by telecommunications and broadcasting markets. Lists of the entities which provide electronic communication services in ECTEL Member States can be obtained from NTRCs.

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