ECTEL / Communications


    In addition to its primary regulatory functions, ECTEL provides information pertaining to the telecommunications markets of its member states.

    ECTEL carefully tracks the progress of the industry by analyzing the trends within each market of the industry. These trends are reported in the Annual Report, which serve as a useful resource for any party interested in analyzing and understanding the current state of the telecommunications sector.

    What's Happening
    Inaugural CARICOM Competition Commission Secondary School
      Topics: 1. How does fair competition among businesses benefit me and my region? 2. How does consumer protection law benefit me and my region? Deadline for submission:...
    PRESS RELEASE – NTRC in accordance with Universal Service Fund
    The National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC), in accordance with the Telecommunications (Universal Service Fund) Regulations’ Thirteenth Schedule, has embarked...
    ECTEL’s commitment to an open internet
    Castries, Saint Lucia.  1st February 2018.  The Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) wishes to reiterate to the citizens of the ECTEL Member States our firm...

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